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The Life of an Invisible Mom

21 November
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I am a mom to three beautiful kids and a wife to an amazing husband. We live out in the Mnts in the country and I wouldnt have it any other way, I love it out here:) I am a very down to earth type of gal, very countrified and simple. I am extremely open minded and I strive to never judge someone because until we have walked in their shoes then we dont exactly know how we would react or what we would do. My husband is my second husband. I was married once before for about 10 yrs...10 yrs of emotional abuse..10 yrs of thinking it would get better...the later yrs of trying to suffer through it for the kids. Then I realized that my 5 yr old daughter was acting like a parent to me, trying to comfort me and take care of me after a "chewing out". I didnt want that for my kids, I didnt want that to be the example of what they thought a husband and father should be. All of the sudden I became numb and I just did not give a crap anymore and the pain and hurt that was in me overwhelmed what little bit of love I had left for him. So I finally left. I had sworn off men all together until I ran into this man. We first was only friends, he was someone I could talk to, someone to confide in and who had genuine concern for me and my welfare. He treated me like a queen. We started dating and I told myself that all this would not last, men didnt treat women like this where I grew up, it was just a front and he would show his true colors soon. I was actually uncomfortable receiving the care and love that he shown me because I wasnt used to it, it was foreign to me. Well he was able to tear down the walls I had built and that was about 6 yrs ago and I couldnt be happier:) I feel I have truly met my soulmate and my kids now have an excellent example of what a husband and dad should be. He taught me to love myself and to demand nothing less than the best and to never settle for less. He is my knight and shining amour. Him and my kids are my life:)